Enmad executes the “Occupational Safety Management System” as part of the “Quality Assurance System”. In all important cases such as “accident / injury”, studies such as “on-site examination / solution creation” and “damage detection / discovery / control” are carried out within the framework of the “Security Management Plan”.
It involves taking action, including personnel involved in the incident, in order to resolve the problem and prevent its recurrence in the “incident / accident” investigations and problem detection process.
The policy of Enmad Drilling is to provide a healthy and safe working environment to all employees. This mode of action is not only because it prescribes laws, but also to prevent any unhealthy formation, damage or loss during our operations.
Regular Training and development programs are implemented within the scope of Enmad Drilling’s growth program. All our team members are trained on first aid, firefighting, correct use of personal protection equipment, work accident prevention and investigation.
As an important requirement of responsible management style, Enmad encourages every employee to work in a healthy and occupational safety environment.